Holiday Woof!

December 24, 2009

Woof Woof,
Which is Merry Merry in dog talk! Here is a picture of me approaching my favorite place in my house….the kitchen and that is where the “magic” truly lives. My personal chef Tiffany is getting ready to whip up my dinner….white rice, pork loin, spinach, broccoli and barley…followed by a huge bone….woof some more! My last visit to see Dr. Fong was highlighted by a bladder infection and not more fun for me. Every time I attempted to pee nothing happened and after the fifteen time it was getting to really be a drag….hard to leave messages when there is no “ink!” Dr. Fong helped me with a chiropractor adjustment and acupuncture….feel soooooooooo much better. And, the herbal stuff seems to be working really good as my owner has a big smile on her face every time I do my business….weird but hey when she’s happy I get more strokes! At least she is not jumping up and down yelling the poo is firm…though she is saying softly “

Eureka!” Time to woof into the kitchen and see what my Guardian is cooking for me and Merry Merry Woof Woof!

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