Here I am talking about Chinese herbs and who would have thought this subject would come up in my dog time.  Perhaps,  I have already shed some light (better than shedding more fur you could say!) how I came to be involved with Dr. David Fong of the San Francisco Veterinary Specialists Group. When my owner decided not to take option one which was surgery; thank goodness by the way for the recovering time would have been brutal, and the pain don’t want to go there.

Anyway, Tiffany has been for as long as I have known here a believer in holistic medicine. My master believes in you might say a “universal support system.” She thinks it is a good idea to find the cause and treat it, and that the body is made up of pathways that carry information so everything in the body is connected. Don’t know too much about that except how I feel after visiting with Dr. Fong.

When Dr. Fong first approached me with some acupuncture needles of course I had to show him who was boss and did my growl thing; he jumped and then  Tiffany suggested by lowering her voice and in a very soothing tone I would be ok; good to be in command don’t you think? Dr. Fong inserted very thin small needles in various parts of my body and I had to stand up for a couple of moments; not so bad as Tiffany stroked my head and then Dr. Fong gave me little treats. Today, was our second visit. I am very pleased to report I am doing real good! The other nite I gave a few raccoons a run for their money; not coming over my stone wall into my back patio area! The herbs that are mixed in with my food and the pills I take twice a day are helping and this makes me feel good and makes my owner smile. Her smile is important to me as I love her much. And, besides when she is unhappy so am I.

Bring On the Treats!I am loved! Watch the “choke hold” please!

Duplicating Me!Can we go now?

Here are some pictures of me and my owner in the upstairs spacious area for dogs; yes we are separate from the cats….good idea for me so I don’t just happen to get frisky with a kitty cause it’s my nature. The San Francisco Veterinary staff are very friendly and pet me and give me treats; yes I deserve it, though they treat all of the other dogs with kindness too. I am glad my owner made this decision to bring me here. Gotta run I hear something outside that needs my attention….enjoy our pictures and woof back for more

Another Elli Furry Tale!

October 18, 2009

A Visit!Sitting Pretty!

I have been fed and walked and now ready to woof up some more info for you. Today, on my morning walk down our Sunday path; a wooded path along the railroad tracks; my human and I are doing our thing when a jogger and a Coon dog pass us. Now, I didn’t see this until they went by, as my owner pulled me over and I thought this is a great opportunity for more new smells. The point of this story is when Tiffany gave me my command to walk again on the path and I saw the other dog, I gave him a run for his money; so much so my owner had to hold on to the lead with both hands! Hey, I’ve got energy when I need it; with my personal owner chef preparing meals of pork loin, Lima beans, squash, sweet potatoe and such, how could I not feel pretty good most of the time. Nites are a little rough though and I seem to pant a lot more during  the early am; this makes it hard for my owner to sleep as I am nestled right next to her. When I can’t breathe it frightens me. Tiffany stokes my head and tells me everything is ok…she calls me Ms. Pant a Pant. And some of my other names are Premium Pet (which I am indeed and this is my very own chosen name never given to anyone else!), Little Moose (I am very strong), Pet a Pet, Rin Tin Tina and Lovey Pet…last one is a little mushy.

Since I am always talking about our Oak Grove tree lined walk, here are some pictures…notice the one of me in front of the gate, and then the other two with my human. So here is how the pictures came to be.   Tiffany and I were trotting; she has to trot to keep up with me most of the time; her camera in hand shooting away with most of the shots of me; she placed me in front of our favorite house and as I am being photographer a man walks by toward the other entrance. Tiffany asks him if he is the owner and he says yes. She says “your home is beautiful and a favorite of mine. I hope you don’t mind me taking a picture of Elli in front of  your home;  Elli is writing about her life now to share with others  on her blog.

Now, the main reason this info is very important  my furry paws are being called to my final resting place soon. I am dying and my owner wants me to help others who may have a pet that is older and starts to pant a lot or coughs and it may not be allergies, or like with the urinary infection when I shook myself I almost fell over because my bladder couldn’t support me; very glad it does now and I feel great on that note.

Ok, you with me why I am writing my tale? This very nice man says “why don’t you come in or would you like to come in and I will take some pictures of you?” And, in we go through the gate with my owner and me being “shot by the garden.” Then my human of course starts complimenting the owner of the home about his house and a Tuscany commissioned painting comes up that Tiffany did; guess the house reminded her of that painting; at this point he suggests  she come inside as he and his wife are thinking of original art for  some bare walls.

This is the part I don’t like as I am tied to a huge tree and have to wait for them to come out. They are inside for  awhile and then they come out all smiles. I am smiling as I can be untied and go about my business of “voice tale;” this is like the human voice mail only done with my tale so to speak. I hope

I haven’t upset you talking about death as I can feel how much my owner loves me and is doing everything she can to help me have the very best quality of life….and this is the good part….meals are menued for me, my pet walker Carol comes to see me more often and now I am an author….major woof! Enjoy our pictures and come back for more woof tale

What a Pair!

And, yes last time when we “chatted” I was embarking on my favorite tree lined walk, now I remember! I would like to talk about my pet walker who is very special to me. Her name is Carol. We met seven years ago. My owner was back in Virginia at the time and selected the service to walk me long distance.

She has pretty good instincts and I am well taken care of by Carol when my owner cannot walk me. We are very fortunate that Carol lives close by and comes over  without much notice to walk me. My owner sometimes has unplanned art site visits and always makes sure I am taken care of when she is going to be late in walking me.

Carol called this morning to ask Tiffany how I am doing. Guess it is time now to bring my health into the conversation. A couple of weeks ago I was taken to Adobe Animal Hospital (most excellent care facility for pets by the way) to check out my recent bladder problems. I was unable to hold it and started peeing on the kitchen floor; not the oriental rug; just the floor so give me some credit.

Anyway, we found out I had a common urinary infection and we came home with pills for me to take daily. Then, my owner noticed I was panting more than usual. Actually, in older dogs it is not uncommon to pant more, however in my case this was not the case. Also, I have pretty much always coughed due to allergies and being a tracker is no fun when your nose is exploring stuff that makes you cough all the time. Tiffany was giving me allergy medication and that had worked in the past, only this time not so much. I was also finding myself very needy and wanting to be as close to my owner on the bed as possible. My heavy panting right next to Tiffany was not so good though for her sleeping, as we would wake up a couple of time throughout the nite. My owner noticed though I was not moving from her side on the bed. Usually, I tend to sleep at the foot of the bed all comfy.

So back to Adobe Animal Hospital we went. Tiffany asked to check my liver level so the techie took my blood and my owner asked for x-rays. I am not so keen on the x-rays as I am picked up (my owner does this and I appreciate that) and placed upsiide down in a heavy soft trough thing. Anyway, when the x-ray came back it showed a mass in my right lung. The blood work showed slight elevations in my liver. Tiffany did her best not to be upset though I could tell she was acting very much on “remote control.” When they suggested a CAT scan to gather more information Tiffany made an appointment at a specialist. Boy, I did not like that appointment. They shaved my belly and to tell the truth I wasn’t sure what my outcome was going to be. Tiffany had to leave me for several hours and when she came to pick me up I was groggy from sedation. No worries I was in good hands with Tiffany and she got me in the car easily. Our results were good news! My tumor did not have any company! I feel most lucky to have Tiffany as my owner and loving care giver.

She listed to the vet and the vet specialist talk about operating on me. The operation is extensive. I am cut open under my rib cage and the pain afterward is awful. I could bleed out during the operation as well. My aftercare would mean three to four days at the hospital on pain medication and then home with no squirrel or raccoon chasing for about a month. Then on top of this how much more time would I have to chase squirrels, raccoons, geese or anything else of my choosing….not much…perhaps a year. So, the decision was made to treat me naturally or holistically.

Now, this is little story is kinda of funny like connecting the dots. My owner spoke with our best friend Misty back in Virginia for a little consult. Misty suggested talking with the owner of Pet Sage in Virginia. Tiffany called and the Pet Sage owner suggested they go “on-line” together and see who would be a good accredited holistic vet. Dr. David Fong popped up with so many letters after his name he must be good. My owner called the San Francisco Veterinary Specialists and started to make an appointment with Dr. Fong. The receptionist asked if we had been there before and Tiffany said no. When the receptionist started entering our information she found out we had been to their old location in 2003….imagine that! We got an appointment.
When it became appointment time I knew it for Tiffany doesn’t feed me when we ride in the car. I have motion sickness. So, when my owner didn’t feed me I knew something was up. The drive into the city was new for me so I was not too happy about getting out of the car and going into a place that smelled of other animals. However, this place was bright and full of smiles.

Dr. Fong asked a lot of questions while looking at the x-ray and reading the previous Adobe vet info. Tiffany was answering and writing at the same time. I was on the floor kinda shaking. Dr. Fong examined me and said my coat is very healthy, though my tongue was on the purple side. He also asked how I slept, curled up or stretched out. He created a plan just for me with the primary goal to halt the tumor’s growth for as long as we can and shrinking it at the top of our list. My diet was to change and I was to take Chinese herbs mixed in with my food and tablets twice a day.

My new diet meant no chicken as chicken feeds cancer; we need to remove things that can heat up my body and feed the tumor. So we are giving me food that builds up my immune system and starves the tumor. Dr. Fong also noticed after the examination I was on the floor with the front part of my body against the wall….a very dark place he said. You see the lungs represent grief. I have been very sad with a lot of stuff that my owner as been and is going through. I love her very much and can’t help myself feeling some of her pain.

Now, Tiffany was delighted to hear I could eat “people food.” Like, lima beans,  wild rice,duck, pork, mung beans, broccoli, carrots, red chard, squash, etc. Next thing I knew we were at Whole Foods and out she came with a bag of Wellness dry fish meal base and duck jerky. My owner also got on the internet and ordered some special biscuts from Foster & Smith. That nite “my personal chef” cooked up broccoli, wild rice, carrots, squash and pork mixed in with the Wellness dry…heaven! Hey, the quality of my life has been jacked up about tenfold….not a bad way to go out! I feel much better and love eating twice a day. I am breathing a little better  though I still have my moments.

Of course I am loveable!

Of course I am loveable!

My energy is good as the six raccoons sitting on the roof of an old building behind our house were my prime targets. I let them know who was boss even though a stone wall separated us. They were not going to run across the top of the wall while I was outside. Then there is my owner with her camera standing on a chair taking a picture of them. They made have thought she was as much trouble as me. Speaking of food I smell a biscut coming my way so woof for now and look for me soon.

What You Say!

What You Say!

Don’t quite remember where I left off;  perhaps celebrating my birthday maybe? Anyway, I’d like to pick up after my history and tell you a little more…ready? I love my “best friend.” Now is the time to let you know I am going to call the human in my life quite a few names and here they are so you can keep up with me…Tiffany, owner, best friend and master.

I had not spent much time in one place before meeting Tiffany. I told you about my initial upbringing which was painful, being on the street and then in a foster home, so by the time I “found” Tiffany, I did not have much hope of this relationship working out either. However, I will have to say from the moment I glanced at her she “smelled” different. She was not too sure about getting close to me even though I could feel she wanted to and was doing her best.

Ok, more info now. Her previous companion of 13 years had passed away…a German Shepard named Kells a short time before me coming into her life. I think what slowed her down in getting close to me was the fact I would attack her….some humor here please! I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t turn my neck because of a previous injury and every time my owner would approach me from the right side I “jumped to it big time!” She was very smart and would tell me it was ok and I was safe. The next smart thing my owner did was to make an appointment with an animal communicator…now don’t make fun of this;  if Tiffany had not taken this step of faith there is no way I would have been able to get the right treatment. She set up an appointment with the animal communicator so I could let her know that I was beaten with a shoe on my right side and this is why my vertebrae was out of alignment and I was hurting.

The veterinarian we went to also worked closely with this animal communicator and was able to adjust me properly. Boy, was that a relief. The first relief I had had in a long tiime. Now speaking of time and getting back to the original subject of why I love my owner so much. From the beginning my master studied me to learn my habits; her commands were exact yet with understanding. Although she was not too understanding when I ate the brie wrapper and all right before her party right off the dish. She almost couldn’t believe she had the cheese out in the first place! Pretty good job of search and seizure if I say so my self! However, this movement tipped my owner off to how much I love food, and I think you heard previously about the blue berry pie I ate from the park!

In Virginia we lived by a big lake where my walks were very active. Active because in the beginning I had my “street dog” on. This meant when my owner walked me and I saw another dog no matter how large, like the Rottweiler, I would become as my owner like to say “a real beast.” I prepared myself for battle. This posture became a little tense for my owner as she was walking me with a St. Bernard retrackable lead and my 37 pounds seemed like 137 pounds to her when I got into my attack mode. Needles to say the other dogs usually backed down in wonder…”wonder who this crazy dog is to come after me!”

The reason I have never really been social with my kind is because of having to defend myself on the street, and nearly being killed by two dogs at different times; a big black dog and then a bigger brown dog. Even today I am not too keen on other dogs getting too close; puppies are the worst! Most of the time I strut myself and ignore the mutts.

Now back to walking around the lake. One time I went to investigate some sort of a water shelter made up of branches; my owner yelled the big command “leave it now” at the top of her voice and pulled on my lead hard. Good thing she did as the river house inhabitants were at home and coming out to greet me. This was not a good thing since beavers are known for getting a hold of dogs by the neck and holding them under water till they drown….glad I got away from that scene! One of our neighbors had jumped in the lake to pull his Golden Retreiver out of the water when a beaver submerged him. Now, our walk were not always like that…so again speaking of walks it is about that time for me to go fetch my master and take our long tree lined walk to collect my messages….come back for more again….woof