How far is the puppy planet again?

I am a Beauty! Woof!

Here I am after a hard morning of playing at the puppy park; really hard as some of the big guys don’t give me much of a break. A “Golden” ran at me full steam and luckily my guardian “just happened” to direct him off my course with a little knee action…whew! Last time playing I had the wind knocked out of me and my left hind quarter was really hurting so much Tiffany had to carry me to the car; everyone came rushing over and boy did I like the attention though not the pain. My guardian is taking good care of me with two to three walks a day. I really like playing with my buds (see the pictures; Bentley is the little guy who thinks he is a big guy, Kona thinks he is king and his mask hides him when he does something he ought not to do! And, Hunter I love; he is getting old now and I just lick him up!) Sometimes, I find my Guardian crying and I think it is because of Elli passing on. In a sad way I am very grateful to Elli as I wouldn’t be in this loving home if she had not made space for me. Well, it looks like it may be time for another opportunity to “run with the big dogs!”
Come again for another woof!

Bentley Center Stage & Kona Investigating Lilee

Lilee with a "Hunter!"

Lilee's Move!

As the Spirit Moves!

April 11, 2010

It has been awhile for my woofing and now I am in another form. My beautiful furry body was laid to rest March 18th and today I am woofing long distance you could say! I certainly had an excellent quality of life in my last 6 months thanks to Dr. Fong of the San Francisco veterinary Specialists so no complaints; if it had not been for his care I am sure my woofing would not have been as long. He had my guardian well-trained too with cooking for me, acupuncture treatments, special holistic remedies and increased loving! My guardian misses me very much I can tell as she is wearing waterproof mascara daily and is framing lots of photos of me; I am a very hard act to follow.! However, my timing to leave was perfectly set for it allowed another beautiful animal to come into my guardian’s life. My guardian calls her “Elli’s pup,” as she is 11 weeks of German Sheppard/Aussie Sheppard smartness; I was brilliant you know!

So let me introduce you to Lilee and here is a picture. I am glad I could leave her some chewed down bones for her to chew on instead of all the great furniture my guardian has!  I have many good memories and of course my spirit surrounds Tiffany because of my woofing love!   So, for now I am woofing off; come back for more as I am sure Lilee could have a few woofs of her own to share with you.

I am taking a break from “bone duty” to catch  you up on the latest bark news! By the way guarding my bone is no easy task. I have to dig holes; one under the back yard tree, one in the corner by the wooden fence and another in the far corner by the other wooden fence. To keep potential bone takers confused I keep digging up the bone and relocating it to one hole or another. It’s a tough job and I am just the dog to dig good holes and cover them up so you can’t find the bone. Sometimes, that can be a problem because lately I keep forgetting where the bone was buried to begin with! I do find it and whew what a relief! I slept pretty good last nite and on our morning walk even pulled my mistress along a few times before slowing down. I hear my guardian calling me so enjoy the new photos even though ones may be from Christmas. Woof at you later!

Christmas Woof!

More Me Than Christmas Tree!

I am Sitting Like You Told Me!

Girls & Their Toys!

Can I Relax Or What!

Holiday Woof!

December 24, 2009

Woof Woof,
Which is Merry Merry in dog talk! Here is a picture of me approaching my favorite place in my house….the kitchen and that is where the “magic” truly lives. My personal chef Tiffany is getting ready to whip up my dinner….white rice, pork loin, spinach, broccoli and barley…followed by a huge bone….woof some more! My last visit to see Dr. Fong was highlighted by a bladder infection and not more fun for me. Every time I attempted to pee nothing happened and after the fifteen time it was getting to really be a drag….hard to leave messages when there is no “ink!” Dr. Fong helped me with a chiropractor adjustment and acupuncture….feel soooooooooo much better. And, the herbal stuff seems to be working really good as my owner has a big smile on her face every time I do my business….weird but hey when she’s happy I get more strokes! At least she is not jumping up and down yelling the poo is firm…though she is saying softly “

Eureka!” Time to woof into the kitchen and see what my Guardian is cooking for me and Merry Merry Woof Woof!

Here I am talking about Chinese herbs and who would have thought this subject would come up in my dog time.  Perhaps,  I have already shed some light (better than shedding more fur you could say!) how I came to be involved with Dr. David Fong of the San Francisco Veterinary Specialists Group. When my owner decided not to take option one which was surgery; thank goodness by the way for the recovering time would have been brutal, and the pain don’t want to go there.

Anyway, Tiffany has been for as long as I have known here a believer in holistic medicine. My master believes in you might say a “universal support system.” She thinks it is a good idea to find the cause and treat it, and that the body is made up of pathways that carry information so everything in the body is connected. Don’t know too much about that except how I feel after visiting with Dr. Fong.

When Dr. Fong first approached me with some acupuncture needles of course I had to show him who was boss and did my growl thing; he jumped and then  Tiffany suggested by lowering her voice and in a very soothing tone I would be ok; good to be in command don’t you think? Dr. Fong inserted very thin small needles in various parts of my body and I had to stand up for a couple of moments; not so bad as Tiffany stroked my head and then Dr. Fong gave me little treats. Today, was our second visit. I am very pleased to report I am doing real good! The other nite I gave a few raccoons a run for their money; not coming over my stone wall into my back patio area! The herbs that are mixed in with my food and the pills I take twice a day are helping and this makes me feel good and makes my owner smile. Her smile is important to me as I love her much. And, besides when she is unhappy so am I.

Bring On the Treats!I am loved! Watch the “choke hold” please!

Duplicating Me!Can we go now?

Here are some pictures of me and my owner in the upstairs spacious area for dogs; yes we are separate from the cats….good idea for me so I don’t just happen to get frisky with a kitty cause it’s my nature. The San Francisco Veterinary staff are very friendly and pet me and give me treats; yes I deserve it, though they treat all of the other dogs with kindness too. I am glad my owner made this decision to bring me here. Gotta run I hear something outside that needs my attention….enjoy our pictures and woof back for more

Now, I am going to jump around a little bit since we last left off with me telling you some about my history. Today is my birthday! Woof Woof and major Woof! It is also the birthday of my owner and the good stuff began with this morning. I am always petted and played with just about the minute my owner wakes up; sometimes I sleep on the bed (very comfy) and other times down stairs on my very comfy special doggie bed. My owner was in my very favorite place in the house; the kitchen! The aroma was teasing me…could it be….yes it was true…a birthday special cut from the butcher bone! Woof Woof Woof Woof! Unfortunately, I could not get it right away for our usual routine was about to take place my walk.

Our morning walk is usually to the park. The park is a great place for me to pick up my messages and make my comments. Most of the time mothers pushing babies in their carriages get in my way, although, I strutt my stuff right past and hear words of “what a good dog.” My owner likes this and agrees by introducing me “this is Elli and yes she is a wonderful pup.” I like hearing the word pup for today I am ten and no I don’t look it, just like my owner who will take away my bone if I tell you her age….woof! I get two to three walks a day and I have my own personal dog walker Carol. Tiffany (my owner and it is about time I introduce her, otherwise you may get tired of hearing owner over and over again.) found my dog walking service before we moved from Virginia to the Bay area. Carol really likes me a lot and when my owner, whoops, I mean Tiffany is not able to walk me, she calls Carol who comes over to take care of me.

I am a very lucky dog. And, did you know my breed, the Norwegian Elkhounds were originally bred to hunt large prey like Caribou or Elk?  We are trackers with such a keen sense of smell.  I over heard my owner telling a neighbor that I could find a piece of bread on Mount Everest. She said this after a very tasty walk for me. We were walking in the park when my nose got the better of me and into the bushes I jumped. I found my goal….a blueberry pie! Imagine someone making it so easy for me to have pie. Tiffany didn’t think so and she pulled on my lead and grabbed the pie in my mouth pulling it all over her. I don’t think she was too happy about having blueberry pie on her hands and arms…she said a few words I don’t think I ought to repeat!

Now, speaking of walks I hear my name being called and that means it’s time for our afternoon walk. The afternoon walk is much longer sometimes and a favorite route of ours is to walk down a very long tree lined lane. Tiffany likes this a lot as she likes looking at many of the “mansions” and I get to pick up more of messages from the day before. Like I said, time for my walk so woof for now!

Where do I start? I will start with the most important element me…I am a Norwegian Elkhound now in my 10th year, and yes I can share my age as I look very good. I found my owner around 1999 in Falls Church Virginia. Previously my life was pretty hectic and sometimes I wasn’t sure where my next meal was coming from.

I grew up in a home where my owners didn’t give me much to eat and that is why my paws are a little too long. Sometimes when my owners were high they would hit be with a tennis shoe and that hurt. One day I was able to make a break for it and left them for good. Then I found myself free to roam where ever I wanted; this was not so good sometimes as I had to hunt and find food on the street whenever I could. And, sometimes I was challenged by bigger meaner dogs. One time a large black dog came at me and I had to fight back hard; that really scared me and I learned to be pretty tough and very quick. Only, not so quick as a guy with a truck and a long pole with a noose got me and I found myself inside a building with lots of other dogs who were not happy. One day though I managed to escape back to the streets.

This part is a little cloudy for I am not sure how the Norwegian Rescue people found me and coaxed me to come with them; they did and I found myself  on Capital Hill in Washington D.C. living with a young woman who provided food immediately…the cockatiel was very tasty.

However, the young woman yelled, the cat split and things became a little frantic. My owner was a temporary situation until a permanent owner could be found. Sometimes when she went horseback riding she would take me with her and I would ran along side on a long lead….kinda fun. At some point when she became tired of me jumping up on her when she came home ,she put me outside in a shelter of some kind. Could you blame me though for being lonely? She would leave me alone whenever she could to spend time with her boyfriend, not much fun for me as I am a pack animal and need to be with others.

Then one day I was taken for a car ride by the Norwegian Rescue woman who had placed me in the Capital Hill home. And, I found myself going to a pet store….or boy food and I do like to eat! Another young woman comes over to me inside the pet store and starts talking to the rescue woman. As they are talking she is really looking at me and also talking to me “what a beautiful pup.” Now it gets interesting as I am handed over you could say to this young woman by the name of Tiffany and we walk to her car; nice car I think, although riding in cars is not so good as I have motion sickness; I obey and get in and off we go.

We arrived at her condo and she brings me inside and takes off my leash. She says to me “why don’t you go up those stairs,” the stairs are to the right of the door and take me to her art studio loft. Now here I need to fill in some details….I was not obeying anyone, wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t do much of anything for anyone, so Tiffany was told that. Looked like Tiffany wanted to get some information for herself so I thought what the heck maybe I could confuse her by obeying! I went right up the stairs, sat down and looked at her in my most Alpha position. She then said “Ok now that I know you understand me why don’t you come down.” I did. She was pretty cool in getting me to do stuff even after attacking her several times…yes I did for when Tiffany would come upon me from my right side I couldn’t see her and would really jump and growl. I had been beaten with a tennis shoe on that side and couldn’t turn my head like I was supposed too. I have a smart owner and she figured it out. She also let me stay on her bed on a towel.

Tiffany was pretty sneaky in getting me to eat. The next morning she poured dry food with some water into my dish and sat on the floor next to me. She fed me from hand. Finally on the third day I let her remove her hand from my dish and ate every bit all by myself. I like cheese a lot and ate the brie she put out for a party. Pretty good trick…ate it so fast wrapper and all she wasn’t sure she had even placed it on the plate!

Tiffany was patience, smart and kind with me. We would take walks around the lake two to three times daily…life was looking up! One very cold day, about a couple of weeks after moving in we walked around the lake that was frozen over and I saw geese. Tiffany let me off my leash to play in the snow which was a mistake for off I went on to the ice after the geese. Next thing I knew the ice broke and down I went. I came up and went down. Tiffany kept looking at me something like a mindlock and kept saying Elli come, Elli come. So I did breaking the ice with my body till I could pull myself on to the ice and come running to Tiffany. I looked at Tiffany who was taking off her jacket to wipe me down since it was very very cold and get me in the house. I noticed her boots were almost off. Lucky me for I have a feeling she was coming in to get me. I love my owner. Time to take a little break now that you have some history about me. So stay tuned we are just beginning!

Good Looking Lucky Dog I am!

Good Looking Lucky Dog I am!