Been a while so thought before I turn in and start counting squirrels I would give a little “nightcap” on what I have been up to like today for instance….slept very well last nite and on the floor for a change….this is good for my owner, as she has more room to move around  on the bed. And, this was good for me, since my breathing seems to be improving.

Took my owner for our morning walk to pick up my messages in the park and found out I was very popular; picked up quite a few messages for me! Of course, I replied back too! The other morning though I was whisked away in the car after our walk and knew we were on our way to my other vet in Los Altos. The Adobe Animal Hospital staff is very nice to me and tell me how sweet I am, um, got them fooled; if they only saw me holding down the fort against the raccoons! Anyway, my mistress was concerned over the quantity of water I have been drinking and of course this meant some tests. My Guardian held me while the vet person inserted a needle into my chest for blood; not my favorite thing, though my owner said how brave I was and how I would make her pay for this later in extra treats…now that part I liked!

Skipping around a little, today my mistress received the test results and sounds like my liver and kidneys need some TLC; evidently I am leaking protein; good thing Tiffany takes such good care of me and checks me out right away.  I know next Tuesday we are seeing Dr. Fong again with the San Francisco Veterinary Specialists, and he always helps me to feel much better.  It takes me awhile to get used to having tiny needles inserted into my body and I tremble for a little bit; afterwards I breathe so much better; my Guardian says it is the Chi moving around; not too sure what that is so I just say I perk up quite a bit!

Well, time for me to curl up and have a good nite’s snooze so woof back for more later!