“Ida and The Grove”

September 16, 2018

Most days my fur child Lilee and I are playing in our favorite park.  My favorite spot is a large grove of towering redwood trees.  The first time I saw this grove I was immediately taken with a forward large redwood.  Her name is Ida.  She named herself.  This is curious and here is why.

Ida is the name of my amazing entrepreneurial self-started Grandmother.  They say our ancestors are always with us; guiding and nudging us to remember we are never alone.

This impressive towering redwood grove is like that.  Ida stands in the midst of the trees, strong, powerful, well rooted and reaching towards the heavens.

I think the most powerful elements humble us in their simplicity.  My grandmother came thru the Depression, raising a child by herself, creating multiple successful businesses and was married twice.  She died when I was a child.  I was an only “handful” child pushing and demanding to be heard.

Many years later, my beliefs and my strengths seem to come from Ida.  Her portrait sits on my studio desk.

I am blessed to see Ida in her new form every day and to appreciate the simplicity of nature.

Here is a picture of Ida with her friends.