I am taking a break from “bone duty” to catch  you up on the latest bark news! By the way guarding my bone is no easy task. I have to dig holes; one under the back yard tree, one in the corner by the wooden fence and another in the far corner by the other wooden fence. To keep potential bone takers confused I keep digging up the bone and relocating it to one hole or another. It’s a tough job and I am just the dog to dig good holes and cover them up so you can’t find the bone. Sometimes, that can be a problem because lately I keep forgetting where the bone was buried to begin with! I do find it and whew what a relief! I slept pretty good last nite and on our morning walk even pulled my mistress along a few times before slowing down. I hear my guardian calling me so enjoy the new photos even though ones may be from Christmas. Woof at you later!

Christmas Woof!

More Me Than Christmas Tree!

I am Sitting Like You Told Me!

Girls & Their Toys!

Can I Relax Or What!