How far is the puppy planet again?

I am a Beauty! Woof!

Here I am after a hard morning of playing at the puppy park; really hard as some of the big guys don’t give me much of a break. A “Golden” ran at me full steam and luckily my guardian “just happened” to direct him off my course with a little knee action…whew! Last time playing I had the wind knocked out of me and my left hind quarter was really hurting so much Tiffany had to carry me to the car; everyone came rushing over and boy did I like the attention though not the pain. My guardian is taking good care of me with two to three walks a day. I really like playing with my buds (see the pictures; Bentley is the little guy who thinks he is a big guy, Kona thinks he is king and his mask hides him when he does something he ought not to do! And, Hunter I love; he is getting old now and I just lick him up!) Sometimes, I find my Guardian crying and I think it is because of Elli passing on. In a sad way I am very grateful to Elli as I wouldn’t be in this loving home if she had not made space for me. Well, it looks like it may be time for another opportunity to “run with the big dogs!”
Come again for another woof!

Bentley Center Stage & Kona Investigating Lilee

Lilee with a "Hunter!"

Lilee's Move!

As the Spirit Moves!

April 11, 2010

It has been awhile for my woofing and now I am in another form. My beautiful furry body was laid to rest March 18th and today I am woofing long distance you could say! I certainly had an excellent quality of life in my last 6 months thanks to Dr. Fong of the San Francisco veterinary Specialists so no complaints; if it had not been for his care I am sure my woofing would not have been as long. He had my guardian well-trained too with cooking for me, acupuncture treatments, special holistic remedies and increased loving! My guardian misses me very much I can tell as she is wearing waterproof mascara daily and is framing lots of photos of me; I am a very hard act to follow.! However, my timing to leave was perfectly set for it allowed another beautiful animal to come into my guardian’s life. My guardian calls her “Elli’s pup,” as she is 11 weeks of German Sheppard/Aussie Sheppard smartness; I was brilliant you know!

So let me introduce you to Lilee and here is a picture. I am glad I could leave her some chewed down bones for her to chew on instead of all the great furniture my guardian has!  I have many good memories and of course my spirit surrounds Tiffany because of my woofing love!   So, for now I am woofing off; come back for more as I am sure Lilee could have a few woofs of her own to share with you.