As I was lying here on the floor of our living room I heard my owner laugh when she saw me. ” I was spread out in my usual regal position on one of “our” large white fur rugs,” and she said “everywhere in this house in an Elli place!” She is most right! The white fur rugs are very soft and feel good against my body.

I do have my own special place, with my very own large pillow bed; sometimes I curl up there and sometimes I spread out or hunker down to chew on one of my large bones. This special place even has one of my owner’s paintings;” Eternity” is hanging right over my pillow bed; kinda like the sound of that; means I may be around longer that I think! And, actually I am improving. Today my master and I trotted down by the railroad tracks under a canopy of reddish and yellow leaves. This is one of my favorite walks with many opportunities to pick up and receive

Getting A Hug In My Special Place!

Major Relax!

my messages. My owner mentioned a couple of times that she had her own personal trainer; me! She was walking fast to keep up with me! So, now that I have shared about my comfy Elli places I am going back to snoozing; before I go I am leaving you with some more pictures of course; of me! Woof back for more on my scene soon!