Another Elli Furry Tale!

October 18, 2009

A Visit!Sitting Pretty!

I have been fed and walked and now ready to woof up some more info for you. Today, on my morning walk down our Sunday path; a wooded path along the railroad tracks; my human and I are doing our thing when a jogger and a Coon dog pass us. Now, I didn’t see this until they went by, as my owner pulled me over and I thought this is a great opportunity for more new smells. The point of this story is when Tiffany gave me my command to walk again on the path and I saw the other dog, I gave him a run for his money; so much so my owner had to hold on to the lead with both hands! Hey, I’ve got energy when I need it; with my personal owner chef preparing meals of pork loin, Lima beans, squash, sweet potatoe and such, how could I not feel pretty good most of the time. Nites are a little rough though and I seem to pant a lot more during  the early am; this makes it hard for my owner to sleep as I am nestled right next to her. When I can’t breathe it frightens me. Tiffany stokes my head and tells me everything is ok…she calls me Ms. Pant a Pant. And some of my other names are Premium Pet (which I am indeed and this is my very own chosen name never given to anyone else!), Little Moose (I am very strong), Pet a Pet, Rin Tin Tina and Lovey Pet…last one is a little mushy.

Since I am always talking about our Oak Grove tree lined walk, here are some pictures…notice the one of me in front of the gate, and then the other two with my human. So here is how the pictures came to be.   Tiffany and I were trotting; she has to trot to keep up with me most of the time; her camera in hand shooting away with most of the shots of me; she placed me in front of our favorite house and as I am being photographer a man walks by toward the other entrance. Tiffany asks him if he is the owner and he says yes. She says “your home is beautiful and a favorite of mine. I hope you don’t mind me taking a picture of Elli in front of  your home;  Elli is writing about her life now to share with others  on her blog.

Now, the main reason this info is very important  my furry paws are being called to my final resting place soon. I am dying and my owner wants me to help others who may have a pet that is older and starts to pant a lot or coughs and it may not be allergies, or like with the urinary infection when I shook myself I almost fell over because my bladder couldn’t support me; very glad it does now and I feel great on that note.

Ok, you with me why I am writing my tale? This very nice man says “why don’t you come in or would you like to come in and I will take some pictures of you?” And, in we go through the gate with my owner and me being “shot by the garden.” Then my human of course starts complimenting the owner of the home about his house and a Tuscany commissioned painting comes up that Tiffany did; guess the house reminded her of that painting; at this point he suggests  she come inside as he and his wife are thinking of original art for  some bare walls.

This is the part I don’t like as I am tied to a huge tree and have to wait for them to come out. They are inside for  awhile and then they come out all smiles. I am smiling as I can be untied and go about my business of “voice tale;” this is like the human voice mail only done with my tale so to speak. I hope

I haven’t upset you talking about death as I can feel how much my owner loves me and is doing everything she can to help me have the very best quality of life….and this is the good part….meals are menued for me, my pet walker Carol comes to see me more often and now I am an author….major woof! Enjoy our pictures and come back for more woof tale

What a Pair!