Here I am talking about Chinese herbs and who would have thought this subject would come up in my dog time.  Perhaps,  I have already shed some light (better than shedding more fur you could say!) how I came to be involved with Dr. David Fong of the San Francisco Veterinary Specialists Group. When my owner decided not to take option one which was surgery; thank goodness by the way for the recovering time would have been brutal, and the pain don’t want to go there.

Anyway, Tiffany has been for as long as I have known here a believer in holistic medicine. My master believes in you might say a “universal support system.” She thinks it is a good idea to find the cause and treat it, and that the body is made up of pathways that carry information so everything in the body is connected. Don’t know too much about that except how I feel after visiting with Dr. Fong.

When Dr. Fong first approached me with some acupuncture needles of course I had to show him who was boss and did my growl thing; he jumped and then  Tiffany suggested by lowering her voice and in a very soothing tone I would be ok; good to be in command don’t you think? Dr. Fong inserted very thin small needles in various parts of my body and I had to stand up for a couple of moments; not so bad as Tiffany stroked my head and then Dr. Fong gave me little treats. Today, was our second visit. I am very pleased to report I am doing real good! The other nite I gave a few raccoons a run for their money; not coming over my stone wall into my back patio area! The herbs that are mixed in with my food and the pills I take twice a day are helping and this makes me feel good and makes my owner smile. Her smile is important to me as I love her much. And, besides when she is unhappy so am I.

Bring On the Treats!I am loved! Watch the “choke hold” please!

Duplicating Me!Can we go now?

Here are some pictures of me and my owner in the upstairs spacious area for dogs; yes we are separate from the cats….good idea for me so I don’t just happen to get frisky with a kitty cause it’s my nature. The San Francisco Veterinary staff are very friendly and pet me and give me treats; yes I deserve it, though they treat all of the other dogs with kindness too. I am glad my owner made this decision to bring me here. Gotta run I hear something outside that needs my attention….enjoy our pictures and woof back for more