Golly gee, time sure has passed since I last woofed to you and here it is approaching Christmas!

Personally, I don’t really know what is going on except for one major difference….our house is really crowded with much more stuff and I have to watch where my tail goes! My mistress puts up the tree the day after Gobble Day and there goes my other relaxing space! She talks a lot to her friends about how the tree is her special gift….sure is bright when I am trying to get a quick snooze…1,700 white lites bright!

Now to change the subject and bring you all up-to-date on what is going on with me, my cholesterol is more than what it used to be so no more sweet potato treats for a while and I seem to be leaking protein. Our last visit to see Dr. Fong of the San Francisco veterinary Hospital was a tune up for me;  helping me to breathe better and have more energy; acupuncture does really work guys so do think about it for we pets! Anyway, my guardian changed my diet under Dr. Fong’s instructions and boy do I love baked potato, white rice, carrots and pork (I get pork loin!). Now the diet brings up another subject…doing my business in the park has gotten pretty public. I have always been a little shy and tend to park myself by a bush or in the bushes; now my owner yells the poo is firm, the poo is firm! This is rather embarrassing guys.   However, the point being I am leaking protein so we are happy to have firm poo verses very soft poo.

Ok, now back to the Christmas house where I live. This morning Tiffany was back in action with her favorite holiday tool….a can of gold spray paint. I have a tendency to run for cover as she looks at my beautiful grey fur and I can just hear her thinking how a little gold on the tip of my tail would look or a red bow around my neck! She kept me inside while she sprayed more leaves gold and sprinkled green glitter on them for gifts. The house smells pretty good though I usually don’t eat what I smell….gingerbread, carrot cake and such….I can sure smell my meal cooking though!

Well, guys it was great being back in woof action so stay tuned for more woof to come your way! And, in the meantime, enjoy more pictures of me with my stuff!