Sniffing out the good stuff by Elli the Norwegian Elkhound

November 7, 2009

I’m back to update you on my latest visit to the San Francisco Veterinary clinic. Yesterday, after my fabulous morning walk and it was fabulous, because I jumped up and down in the house happily barking at my owner to hurry up and let’s go play; then I pulled her out the door and off we went with me leading the way. Actually, this kind of behavior pleases my master for it shows her I am up to being my old self. And, this is important for I am feeling pretty good.

After the walk, I knew it, no food which meant a trip to somewhere, and most likely the vet! As we were driving; I was riding co-pilot, I could tell we were on our way to the city. My owner likes the fact we can park in the garage compliments of the San Francisco Veterinary folks; me, I am not so sure, as every time the garage door lifts up it is a little scary though being brave I run right under it; sorta of, as I am well-trained!

Our Friday visit with Dr. Fong showed I was doing good; still not to happy with the tiny needles going into my body and having to stand still for a few minutes. It must be worth it for I do breathe better and my appetite perks up, not that it has too for I am a chow hound; Tiffany says I could find a piece of bread on Mt. Everest! I gave everyone a real treat by allowing myself to be photographer with Dr. Fong ( and here we are).

My owner really cares about me and the home cooked meals are the best. Tiffany takes good care of herself too; and that is a good thing for I want her to be able to play with me for a long time. She goes to see Dr. Gerald Cohen and we can even walk there as his holistic practice, The Center for Healing is in our neighborhood; this is great for I can come in and get the royal treatment; by the way here is our “mug shot!” Dr. Cohen is also very knowledgeable with healing remedies and gave my master some tiny pellets to put in my mouth 8 times a day;  a lot, though they are small .and restrict the growth of cancer cells; Yippee!
Switching gears to the San Francisco Veterinary folks, a very nice lady by the name of Charlotte calls Tiffany my Guardian. I really like that for I am Tiffany’s  Guardian too.  Dr. Fong wrote an article called “A Different Way To Look At Animals,” a view of wholistic veterinary medicine.

Dr. Fong & Me!

Mistress & Me at Doc Cohen's Office

I like this for I am “tapped in” to my owner and what makes Tiffany special is she is very tapped into me. Whew, all this woofing is making me hungry, wonder if I can persuade my mistress to give me a little treat…..until next time woof for now!

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